A reboot for Proofs from the Book

I have decided to include undergraduate proofs in this blog. We will be studying formal proofs starting with logic (truth tables, logical connectives, etc.) and then study different methods of proofs (direct, indirect, etc).

While studying these concepts, we will have numerous examples from different branches of mathematics particularly number theory, probability, and combinatorics.

I’m very excited to start this series, so just keep posted.

2015 Year in Review – 1st Semester

It’s July! Since it is half a year already, let us look back about what proofs we have learned so far.

For the past year, we have learned the proofs of 7 mathematical theorems, 3 in Geometry and 4 in Algebra. There are also three worked out proofs in triangle congruence. Congruence theorems like SAS, SSS, and ASA are used in these proofs.

Year in Review – 1st Semester

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