Month in Review – January 2013

Starting today, I will be summarizing all the posts in this blog at the end of each month. I will be calling the summary Month in Review.

For January 2013, below is the list of posts in case you missed one.

  1. The Sum of the First n Positive Integers
  2. The Power Law of Logarithms
  3. The Quotient of Logarithm of A and Logarithm of B
  4. Proof that Vertical Angles Are Congruent
  5. A Geometric Proof of an Infinite Series
  6. Algebraic Proof: Diagonals of a Parallelogram Bisect Each Other
  7. Proof that Isosceles Trapezoids Have Congruent Base Angles
  8. 5 Help Tools for Learning Mathematical Proofs

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